Our pizza is amazing, it just is…

Here’s why:

      We get our flour from a small organic cooperative of farmers that grow heirloom varieties of grains as well as harvest, mill and sell it. Our dough is slow fermented over 3 days using a vintage sourdough starter to develop unique flavors, a cracklin' crust and majestic colors. Sourcing for our toppings starts daily at the Around The Fire Farm and ignites the inspiration for our menu. The rest is provided by other local  and regional organic farmers.

Sample Menu (changes with seasons):

Breaky: 2 of our Farm Eggs*, Cottage Bacon, Raw Cheddar, Arugula*, Chive Blossoms*
Classic: Red Sauce, Raw / Grass Fed Mozza, Fresh Basil*
Coyote: Red Sauce, Onions, Shishito Peppers*, Cappicola, Raw / Grass Fed Mozza, Fresh Basil*
Seasonal: Kale Pesto*, Yellow Zucchini, Raw / Grass Fed Mozza, Squash Blossom
Mater: Fresh Crushed Tomatoes, House Made Ricotta, Chives*, Purple Basil.
Medicinal: Rapini and Dandelion Greens, Shiitake, Garlic*, Raw / Grass Fed Mozza, Calendula Flowers*
Ethereal: House Made Ricotta, Fresh Peaches, Lavender Dust*, Sage Smoke*
(*Sourced from the Around The Fire Farm)

     Our beautiful wood fired oven was custom built and designed to offer a rustic and compact alternative to a big heavy truck. In doing so, we have more versatility in where we can be located at your event. We use all locally sourced hardwoods along with some flavorful fruit woods for a perfect combination of smoke and heat. For us, its about the art of producing incredible tasting pizza instead of the vehicle we prepare it out of.

      Although we don't offer a gluten free option our slow fermentation process does increase the digestibility of gluten to the point of being tolerable to many who experience sensitivities.

      To complete the event inquire about our ice cream package, handmade desserts and fresh brewed Chemex Coffee service. Or any of our other catering services.