Our pizza is amazing, it just is. We get our flour from a small organic cooperative of farmers that grow heirloom varieties of grains as well as harvest, mill and sell it. Our dough is slow fermented for over 3 days to develop unique flavors, a cracklin' crust and majestic colors. Topped with locally sourced ingredients, it is the happy center of any party, event, photo shoot, wedding, rehearsal dinner, graduation, birthday, store opening or just to hang with friends.


When  you're eating pizza you know you're having a good time.

Our custom built mobile wood fired oven brings onlookers and questions about construction to cooking. Its sleek design looks great at any party and can roll anywhere into your backyard. We use a combination of locally sourced hardwoods along with some flavorful fruit woods that are seasonal to the area.

The pizza is made in our open air kitchen for your guests to see and inquire throughout the process. We offer unlimited service with a changing assortment of seasonal toppings that can be personally ordered along with a variety of our signature pies. Our dough is slowly fermented over the course of 3-5 days to achieve beautifully complex flavors without being sour. Although we don't offer a gluten free option this process has been known to increase the digestibility of gluten to the point of being tolerable to many who experience sensitivities.

As a full service catering company we offer our entire menu selection to pair with the pizza from salads to our famous smoked and merry go round chickens, fish and meats. To complete the meal, add in our ice cream package, handmade desserts and fresh brewed Chemex Coffee service.


Keep in mind that our mobile wood fired oven is not for pizza only.

It also makes for a fantastic conversation piece as we craft one of our infamous wood fired dinners in your backyard. We use a selection of locally sourced and foraged woods to impart a variety of flavors and colors to the meal. Like all of our menus they are based upon the seasonal availability of wildcrafted and cultivated produce, bay catches and ocean harvests that are inspired by native and indigenous cultures locally and globally.

Recognizing that we are part of the Clambake Nation of foods our menus reflect these in a more contemporary context. We incorporate relationships and themes such as the three sisters (corn, squash, and beans) as we connect to the history of our landscape through food.