Around The Fire brings together sacred elements of all cultures; water, sun, food and fire and honors the 'ways,' from seed to plate, in which 'food travels.' It's not just about what is prepared, but how. Our open fire cooking offers guests the opportunity to share in the warmth and radiance of our hardwood flames, absorb the aromas of wood fired cooking and connect with their food at an intimate level amidst beautiful atmospheres.


     Our Menus are crafted through a dialogue to ensure that it reflects the food vision shared by each of our clients. Guided by the fragrances, colors, energy and offerings of each season our themes are local food with global flavors. Inspired by the indigenous relationship between people, food and plants our menus and all of the ingredients are carefully wildcrafted from our natural surroundings combined with those that are organically grown and harvested at peak times from the Around the Fire Farm, other local farmers, sustainably raised meats, as well as consciously caught bay and ocean catches from our local fishermen.

     We are committed to helping revitalize lost dishes and ingredients that carry the deep nutritive elements of traditional food and design menus that incorporate this into a contemporary context using native flavors from around the world. From our artisan wood fired pizza, hand spun chickens, ducks and fish, rotisserie meats, and cauldron corn chowder to carefully fermented vegetables and hot sauces each menu is a collaboration that ultimately expresses each clients personality.


     Our unique and custom made grills, handmade pots, traditional cookware and tools are inspired by flavors and cultures from around the world. Fire, Food and People are inextricably linked throughout history. Open fire cooking invokes this connection and adds a beautiful element to any event that brings people together. Guests can, literally, gather around the fire and our open air kitchen while the cooking is happening.

     In addition to being an amazing food story our sleek and handcrafted mobile wood fired oven can be the centerpiece of any dinner party or wedding. It can be used to produce a wood roasted meal with unique flavor or for our Artisan Organic Wood Fired Pizza that is made with our slow fermented dough.