Around The Fire is a full service boutique Private Chef Catering Company that produces memorable open fire events for weddings, private parties, dinners and festivals. Our mission is to curate signature occasions that reflect the heart and soul of bringing people together through wood fired cuisine.

     Our inspiration is drawn from centuries of ancestral knowledge and the relationships that native cultures have with the natural environment. As chefs, we are students of this connection between people, plants, and food with the understanding that our service and menus go beyond just tasting great. They are rooted in the magic that wild foods, herbs, cultivated vegetables, and traditional preparations offer to enliven the senses and support the wellness of our bodies and nature.


     Adam Kelinson is the Culinary Ethnobotanist, Chef and creator behind all of our operations. He crafts and designs menus from a lifetime of  studying local cuisines, culinary nutrition, herbs, and plants through traditional foodways and native cultures while traveling throughout the globe.

     Around The Fire was born out of over 25 years of professional cooking and consulting in restaurants and private homes. As a private chef Adam was essentially an in house caterer. From small dinners to summer affairs, art openings, birthday galas, evening soirees, themed events and just all out parties; Adam has curated every aspect and detail for an intimate occasion of 4 to over 200 while working seamlessly with other vendors and creators. All of these services are now offered through his own business and it's the culmination of experience designing and managing events during this time that is now publicly available.

     Our staff is built from professional chefs with years of private experience that have the skill and understanding of what a personalized service means in a larger format. As a team we are committed to providing your guests with the finest experience they can have while bringing that service to every event.



     The essence and core of what we do is driven by the kindred relationship between food, people and plants as an expression of culture in place and time. This dynamic is what inspires our culinary creations and the tools which we use to prepare them.

     We are dedicated to supporting the sustainability of traditional foodways, and native agricultures by reflecting that into our menus, events, and ingredients. As a team we are committed to providing not just a service but a shared experience in the spirit of cooking and the wellness our food brings. We look forward to sharing our mission with you.